Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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1/72 Brigantine Phoenix

7/3/2017 I purchased this a few months ago from a, it is produced in the USSR – It's very complete and very detailed, all parts are laser cut – even the outside hull boards.  It has instructions in Russian, but I'm a little rusty so I refer to the picture diagrams and the English instructions. […]

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HMS Victory – Imai or Heller 1/100 Page 3

Go to page 1 Go to page 2 Here is the latest photo… 4/8/2017 I've finished the fore topsail – and the foremast.  Here are some pictures.  I'm not sure I have the foremost jib sail installed correctly.  It seems that it should be attached further forward on the bowsprit that I have it. 4/8/2017 […]

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