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1/17 English Carronade

Posted by Paul On August - 4 - 2017

Mantua 1/17 18th Century English Carronade


I bought this a few months ago to go with my 1/100 Heller HMS Victory as this is a model of the carronade located on the foredeck of the Victory.  This monster fired a 68 pound shot that must have been just devastating.  The kit is all wood except the cast cannon and a few other small bits that are metal.  It went together quite easily, you will notice the white liquid in the fire bucket.  That's a water based sealer called Mod Podge; when it dries it will be clear and look like water.  I was gonna wait till it dried, but I'm bored – so I took the pictures – here they are…

_DSC4227 _DSC4230 _DSC4231 _DSC4232 _DSC4233 _DSC4234 _DSC4235 _DSC4236 _DSC4238 _DSC4240

1/72 Brigantine Phoenix

Posted by Paul On July - 3 - 2017

7/3/2017 I purchased this a few months ago from a, it is produced in the USSR – It's very complete and very detailed, all parts are laser cut – even the outside hull boards.  It has instructions in Russian, but I'm a little rusty so I refer to the picture diagrams and the English instructions.  When it's finished it will be 590 mm long, by 440 mm high and 220 mm wide.  So here are some pictures:

_DSC4048_DSC4046_DSC4045_DSC4044_DSC4043_DSC4042_DSC4041_DSC4051_DSC4050_DSC40497/4/2017 A few more photos…

_DSC4052 _DSC40537/6/2017 Moving along nicely.  I've used my wife's curling iron to make curves in soaked wood – it works fantastic.  Latest photos:

_DSC4054 _DSC4055 _DSC4056 _DSC40577/11/2017 More photos – going together nicely.

_DSC4063_DSC4062_DSC4061_DSC4060_DSC4059_DSC40587/17/17 I've finished the first layer of hull planking, then sanded with 60, 150, then 220 grit sandpaper.

_DSC4097 _DSC4098 _DSC4099 _DSC4100 _DSC4101 _DSC41028/2/2017 I've now finished the inner bulwarks.

_DSC4222 _DSC4223 _DSC4224 _DSC4225 _DSC42268/10/2017 The second set of hull planks have been installed, also the decking and internal hull sheeting.  The wood here is untreated, I plan on staining the wood with MinWax stain, and I hope that I've gotten all of the wood glue removed (sanded off) or the stain will have another color.  I can see in these pictures that there are areas that need attention.  Any suggestions on glue removal?  I've tried to be really careful, but evidently not careful enough.

_DSC4262 _DSC4263 _DSC4264 _DSC4265 _DSC4266 _DSC4267 _DSC4268 _DSC4269 _DSC4270 _DSC4273 _DSC4274 _DSC42758/12/2017 I've done a bit more – added trim pieces inside and outside and stained the deck (Minwax Golden Oak) and the rest of the hull (Minwax Natural).  I'm not to happy with the deck as it a little splotchy due to the variation in the wood.

_DSC4276 _DSC4277 _DSC4278 _DSC4279 _DSC4280 _DSC4281 _DSC4282 _DSC4283